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$125 per week per child. Active membership required.

Younger Camp: 1st-3rd Grade. Older Camp: 4th-7th Grade.
Camp Hours: Mon-Fri 6:30am-6:30pm
Choose the weeks you need.
Breakfast & Lunch Provided.






Dear Parents, 


We are excited about being able to open up our Summer Camp Program next week on Monday, June 1st. As I am sure you are aware we do have some new guidelines that we are required to implement so we have had to make some changes to how things will be done at camp and need to inform you of those changes. 


1.    We have to limit our number of campers to 100 because of the restrictions and space we have available. Your child will be put into a group with no more than 10 campers and 2 staff members. This group of campers and staff will stay the same throughout the day to limit the possible number of people they will be in contact with. We are still going to encourage and practice the 6ft social distancing as much as possible within each small group as well as wear masks. 


2.    We will be requiring each child to bring and wear a mask every day at camp. We will provide a lanyard for each child to wear to be able to clip their masks on during active play, eating times and/or outside time. This lanyard will be specific to them and placed in a sealed bag each night before they leave with their name on it. It will be passed out each morning when they get to their group’s designated area. 



3.    Check-in will be very different. Check-in will be outside on the side of the building under the awning ONLY! Parents will stay in cars and pull around the side of the building. We will have staff outside that will come up to your car and check your ID and ask you the following questions about your child: 

a.    Has your child shown any symptoms of respiratory infection, such as cough, shortness of breath, sore throat, or low-grade fever? 

b.    In the previous 14 days has your child been in contact with someone with a confirmed diagnosis of COVID-19? 

c.    In the previous 14 days has your child traveled outside of the United States or to the areas in the US with widespread transmission such as New York, New Jersey, Connecticut or New Orleans? 

After answering no to these questions your child will be asked to get out of the car and their temperature will be checked. If all checks out we will then check him/her into camp and walk them to their designated area. This process will take longer than normal drop-off so please plan accordingly. There will NOT be any other way to drop them off. You cannot drop and go or come into the building to drop off! All campers MUST be checked in by 10:00 am each day. No campers will be checked in after 10 am. 


4.    The only thing your child is allowed to bring with them to camp daily is their mask and a lunch box IF they are bringing their own breakfast, lunch or snack. Campers will not be allowed to bring pillows, blankets, backpacks, toys,  water bottles etc. into the facility. The reason for this is to cut down on the amount of germs being transferred. The campers will be provided with individual breakfast, lunch and snack items as well as ALWAYS have access to water. We will have water stations set up within each of the 10 group areas. 


5.    Check-out will also ONLY be outside. We will be outside checking people out just like normal from 4:00-6:30 pm. If you need to check your child out earlier than that for some reason please park in the drop off/pick up area on the side of the building and call the RAC at 479-631-0336 to let them know you are here to pick up your child. A staff member will bring the child and check-out sheet to you in your car. When you come in to make a payment for the following week you will still have to get in your car and go around to the drive through lane to pick up your child. If you don’t want to have to come into the building each week you can sign up for auto-pay and it will automatically pay each week for you. This process will also take some extra time because kids are having to be spread out throughout the facility so please be patient with us. We will move as quickly, but safely as possible. 


6.    IF a child or any member of the household begins to show symptoms associated with COVID-19 (fever, cough, shortness of breath, sore throat etc) please do not send them to camp and notify us by email ( immediately. Also, if a member of RAC staff contacts you regarding your child needing to be picked up because of illness please respond immediately as well. 


Thank you so much for your patience and understanding. We look forward to seeing your child/children and having a fabulous summer with them!

315 W. Olive Street

Rogers, AR 72756


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