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1. When is the decision made?

- We do our best to make this decision by 4 pm on weekday and 8 am on weekends.  

2. What if the weather happened after that time?

- If it is after 4 pm during the week or 8 am on the weekend the decision is made by your referee at the scheduled game time.

3. Why is one field open and the other is closed?

- We have to consider the field surface.  Turf for example doesn't get as muddy as a grass field.

4. How often is this graph updated?

- It automatically updates every 5 minutes and then resets the field status back to open at 2 am.  So, be sure to check regularly if you are questioning your field status. 

5. How do I know what field I am playing on?

- Field location is on your practice/game schedule.

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