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monthly enrichment

ballet & tumbling

Ballet class with some tumbling skills taught for children ages 3-7.


• 6 Week Program

• Ages 3-7

• Location: Ballet Westside @ the Center for Non Profits in Rogers

jazz &
hip hop

Hip Hop & Jazz are taught for children ages 3-11.


• 6 Week Program

• Ages 3-11

• Location: Ballet Westside @ the Center for Non Profits in Rogers


Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What does my child need to wear?

- Ballet/Tumbling Classes - Leotard of any color, tights or socks, ballet shoes.  We sell ballet shoes for $22 plus tax if you wish to purchase them from us. 

- Jazz/Hip Hop/Cheer/Pom - T-Shirt, leggings or athletic shorts, socks, and athletic shoes.

2. What is the length of a session? 

-Our sessions run 6 weeks long.  You can continue to sign up for additional sessions after you complete one.

3. Any recital routines? 

-With a 6-week session, we offer a parent's observation at the end.  If you are interested in recital routines, please contact Ballet Westside directly.

4. Why a 6-week session instead of a monthly dance class? 

- 6-week sessions offer a parent and student insight into what a monthly class situation has to offer, without the extra expenses associated with recitals, costumes, and registration fees.

5. Where are these classes located?

- Classes are at Ballet Westside's studio in the Center for Non-Profits.  Please enter through the main doors and check in at the main desk. 

6. Who is teaching the class?

- Dorothy and Megan teach the Ballet while Audra instructs jazz, hip hop, cheer, and pom.  

If you have any further questions, please contact the studio at 479-636-6678, visit Ballet Westside's website, or email

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