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Ksenia Caillouet

Ksenia's In-Person Schedule


Ksenia has been a group fitness instructor since August 2017, but her love affair with fitness classes began about 10 years ago when she got a Wii Zumba game for Christmas. Ksenia had an eating disorder in her early 20s and later discovered that she has a thyroid condition - hypothyroidism.  She went on a personal mission to find a way to feel better through the right exercise and nutrition for her body.  She is passionate about sharing her love of group fitness with others and a huge believer in listening to your body and varying the types of exercise you do.

At The RAC:

Just popping in when I can


"You only live once - you might as well be a badass."  Or "All things are possible with coffee, the right pair of leggings, and a little bit of sweat."


All the AMPD STRONG formats (Kettlebell, Burn, Resistance, BUILD, Strength, Power Flow); STRONG Nation; Zumba & Zumba Gold; AFAA Group Fitness certified w/ the Sunrise Yoga modality.

Classes will be available for viewing within 48 hours.