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Buddy Pegs Learn To Ride Camps are perfect for beginner to intermediate and advance young riders to enjoy the camaraderie of a team sport without the pressure to compete, develop their love for bike riding, and develop critical life skills like resilience, self-confidence, empathy, connection to their community, and respect for the environment.



Buddy Pegs Learn To Ride 1 Paw camps are perfect for kids who are not yet pedaling on two wheels (without the aid of training wheels). Even though many children start the week timid and reluctant, most campers will be pedaling confidently on their own by day two. Buddy Pegs Ride Leaders will work hard to ensure that all kids individually progress in their skills and double their excitement for biking throughout the week!

Pedal adventure club

Buddy Pegs Pedal Adventure Club is perfect for kids (5-9) who are rolling along on two wheels, without training wheels, to kids who want to start gaining more confidence and learn mtb skills, and for kiddos who are confidently exploring intermediate+ single track and want to learn more:)


More advanced riders will develop critical mtb skills that will provide them with the confidence they need to excel and be safe little riders.


Each camp session Buddy Pegs Coaches will form small multi-age groups based Buddy Pegs ability levels (PAWS) so each rider has access to MAXIMUM FUN… and appropriate terrain.  

Choose the appropriate PAW level for your child during registration so we are better prepared with our coaching staff.  We can always move kiddos around on the first day if you are not quite certain.